Few cons of eating too much dry fruits

Consuming dried fruits may be a healthy add-on to your diet, however if consumed over needed, they’ll comprise of unpleasant effects on your weight. The best consumption includes little proportions of regarding a pair of tablespoons, thus uptake directly from the bag will cause gula. Certify you browse the nutrition facts on your dried fruits and avoid different varieties that had sugar or sweeten them with fruit crush to cut back excess calorie intake.

Gastrointestinal issues

Your diet ought to be high in fiber, and dried fruits square measure a high supply of fiber. Fiber helps in regulation and promoting smart intestine health, however an excessive amount of fiber will hassle your gut likewise. An excessive amount of dried fruits consumption will result in gas, bloating, cramps, constipation and looseness of the bowels too.

Make sure you retain removed from these unhelpful effects by intense solely touch daily or just split it into 2 completely different servings. Just in case you’re feeling like boosting your fiber intake, increase it slowly with over an amount of many weeks. Attempt uptake one or 2 items further each alternate day, till you’re ready to eat the complete serving while not channel upset.

Weight Gain

It takes an far more than 3500 calories in your diet to realize one pound and consumption of a pair of 50 calories per day from dried fruits facilitate contribute virtually 2 pounds of weight in a very month’s time.

In order to reduce the caloric intake, portion your dried fruits serving before you begin uptake. Your serving ought to embody 3 dates, eight apricot halves, a pair of tablespoons of dried blueberries or cranberries and 11/2 dried figs. of these servings provide regarding sixty calories.

Tooth Decay

Dried fruits contain natural sugar in laevulose type, that is fructose and there square measure some dried fruits on the market within the market that come back coated with extra sugar to stay minimum wetness levels and stop them from protruding to every different. Sugar contributes to cavity and sticky foods, like dried fruits, which will be harmful as a result of they follow your teeth, forcing the sugar to remain on the teeth for an extended amount of your time.

Drink water once you snack on dried fruits to reduce the danger of cavity and additionally attempt brushing your teeth once uptake sweets to get rid of sugar from your teeth.

Sugar Crash

There square measure quite a few dried fruits that square measure sugar coated and also are high in glycaemic index. High glycaemic food cause your glucose to surge that quickly delivers energy however the instant you hit the height energy state, your glucose level quickly drops inflicting sugar crash and unexpected fatigue.

Raisens square measure celebrated to be high on glycaemic index and have a rating of sixty four in step with Harvard graduate school. The glycaemic index of dates is on the common facet, however prunes square measure those that have square measure low in glycemic index with a rating of twenty nine on the size.


One of the foremost dangerous parts used is dioxide that is understood for its unpleasant smell that’s created by burning coal or oil and is additionally used as disinfectant, blanching agent and as a food preservative. In step with the U.S. National Library of drugs, dioxide isn’t harmful if consumed in little amounts, however in step with Food Matters, the appropriate daily intake for a 10-year-old United Nations agency weighs 21kg is regarding 15mg per day, that is love one dried fruit.

Exposure to dioxide is harmful and deadly to folks that suffer from bronchial asthma and people with sulphite allergies or sensitivities. It’s a cytotoxic and dangerous chemical to each our bodies and therefore the surroundings.

While the cons seem scary, don’t cross the edible fruit off the grocery list fully. There square measure studies that counsel that once eaten with management, they’ll be useful for folks that investigate losing weight. Thus keep in mind that moderation is that the key.