10in 1 Mini First Aid Kit Supplies | 1000 units


The 10 in 1 mini first aid kit box is a professional medical first aid kit, suitable for travel, outdoor activities, business going abroad and sports activity. It includes 10 essential first aid tools such as burn spray, splint, sling bandage, sealing plaster etc. The First Aid Kit Supplies is made of sturdy, fire, pressure, damp-proof and water-proof nylon material

Selling unit = 1000 units

This is 10 in 1 mini first aid kit supplies which have been life saving equipment for your family or company. It contains following main items : bandage, gauze, toothpick, adhesive tape, plaster, alcohol cotton swabs ,nail clipper, triangular bandages, antibacterial ointment ,antiseptic hand wipes .These items are enough to cover the common injuries during your travel.The box can be opened and folded into a square shape.It is perfect to put in your purse or backpack .


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