Aami Doctor SMS Surgical Gown | 1000 pcs


The AAMI Doctor SMS Surgical Gown is made from a durable textile with reinforced stitching in the high-stress areas. It features 4 waist belts to help secure the garment, and is designed with comfort in mind. The long sleeves are covered with knitted cuffs to safeguard against clothing contamination during procedures. The lightweight, closed back design is secured with ties for maximum comfort.


length 175mm; sleeve 61mm; 1/2 chest 143mm

Selling unit:- 1000 pcs per unit

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The Doctor SMS Surgical Gown is a high quality, poly-coated surgical gown that has been designed for use in a variety of medical settings. The internal seams and external pockets and neck openings are reinforced to help ensure maximum cleanliness. Additionally, the low linting material helps to provide a clean environment for surgeons and operating room staff. Features adjustable knitted cuffs and waist ties, as well as a built-in front pocket made of breathable mesh for added comfort.


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