Anti-static tester MODEL-100 surface resistance meter | 10 sets


The Model-100 static surface resistance meter is a delicate electronic instrument that measures the surface resistance precisely and efficiently. You can use it to measure the dust in the air, cleaning fabric’s surface resistance, and the surface resistance of liquid. The machine has a touch screen interface, so you don’t need any training to operate it!

Single package size:
14X9X4 cm
Single gross weight:
0.600 kg

packaging:- 1set/box

selling unit:- 10 boxes

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This product can test the surface resistance value of the non-metallic and metallic samples in ambient environment. The equipment can also provide data acquisition and store results for re-test. It is mainly used to measure the resistance of automobile surface, materials of housing equipment, precision electronic parts, electrical components, textiles, food packaging material and other industrial products with small resistance value.


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