Dental Orthodontic Buccal Tubes | pack of 100


Orthodontics Buccal Tubes

–  Hooks ball shape design to reduce friction and for optimum patient comfort
–  Permanently etched numbers easily to identify
–  Color coded for easy placement
–  Flat sides easy for holding plier
–  Mesh pad never break off for new welding technics
–  80 gauge foil mesh pad for maximum bonding strength
–  Pad groove for accurate positioning

–  Mesh can choose Sandblast mesh; Laser Mark Mesh


selling unit = 100 pieces 

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Designed to reduce friction and for optimum patient comfort, the Buccal Tubes feature a ball shape design to stay in place while offering an easy grip for orthodontic treatment procedures. Each tube has a permanently etched number for easy identification as well as color coded sides to easily locate them. These tubes can be used during all phases of orthodontic treatment, ranging from extraction to space closure.

Buccal tubes are wedge-shaped devices that work in conjunction with a retainer to prevent teeth from shifting. These permanent lingual buccal tubes feature ball-shaped hooks for easy insertion and different color coded numbers to help you track the different tubes.


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