Disposable Medical Protectively Clothing coveralls | 100 pcs per carton


Fashionable, soft and comfortable; Outstanding elasticity; Wear-resistant; Double layer of medical protection (docking apparel); Material from nanometer to micro meter.

1. Light,soft,flexible and comfortable
2. Non-irritating to skin
3. Competitive price and good quality
4. Perfect fitting


Selling unit:- 100pcs/carton

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The disposable medical protectively clothing are made of nonwoven fabric, which has the advantages of light, soft, flexible and comfortable. The medical protectively clothing not only can prevent secondary infection during surgery,it also can protect the staff from being contaminated with the patient’s blood and is an essential medical product for surgery.

Soft, flexible and comfortable with the features of non-irritating to skin. It is light weight, and save your money for other emergency needs. There are many variants available, such as disposable hospital gowns, disposable operating gowns etc. It can be one set (coverall and shoelace), or 2 sets (coverall + shoe covers).


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