Migraine Cure Combo


We have a unique combination for your migraine relief. In addition to the medicines, we provide you with a small bottle of berry mix juice as well as the tulsi camphor oil mix which helps prevent further attacks and also reduces the intensity of the attack. Along with these we provide you some micronutrients tablets and garlic capsules – both help in preventing migraines and strengthens your immune system.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Migraine? Yes, Ayurveda is the most trusted system of healthcare in the world. Embodying the principle of preventive rather than curative treatment, this system is universally accepted today. It is based on the holistic approach to life, which regards man as an integral whole of body, mind and spirit. Understanding disease as an imbalance of these 3 interconnected factors (body, mind and spirit), Ayurveda talks about curing diseases by treating patients as they are; unique individuals with strengths and weaknesses that go far beyond physical symptoms. This is a collection of herbal medicines to cure migraine. As all the ingredients are natural, they are safe to use long term without any side effects.


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