Tubular elastic net bandage first aid bandage| pack of 500 rolls


Plain Stokinette Tubular Bandage

  • Quick and Easy To Use
  • Simply Cut to Size and Stretch Over the Dressing for and Even, Non-Constrictive Fit
  • Its Radial and Longitudinal Stretch Allows Patients Complete Freedom of Movement,
  • It has Less Fray so There is Less Risk of Fibers in the Wound




NOTE:- pack of 500 bandages

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Our Tubular Elastic Net Bandage is the best elastic bandage on the market. The tubular design is superior to a traditional flat bandage because it doesn’t bunch up and can stretch in any direction—radially and longitudinally. Less fraying means less risk of fibers in the wound. Each bandage is individually sterile packaged, allowing for maximum sterility during use.

Trim-to-fit dressing adapts to any size or shape wound and stretches up to three times its original circumference for a custom secure, non-constrictive fit. A four-way stretch provides greater mobility. Can be cut to any length and applied easily while still pliable, allowing for quick application with virtually no waste. Open knit doesn’t shed fibers. Made of Duraskin® Polyester/Rayon/Lycra® nylon blend fabric that is soft and smooth against the skin. Duraskin makes it easy to use — simply cut to size, apply the dressing directly on the wound, stretch the flexible


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