Tubular elastic net bandage first aid bandage | 200 pcs


Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OEM
Disinfecting Type: OZONE
Size: 4INCH, 4 inches
Stock: Yes
Shelf Life: 5years
Material: Nonwoven, cotton/polyester/spandex
Quality Certification: ce
Instrument classification: Class I
Safety standard: ISO13485
Product name: Israeli Bandage
Certificate: CE, ISO 13485, BSCI
Color: Army green or light green
Selling unit: 200 pcs

The Israeli bandage is built for first aid, so it can be used in all kinds of emergency situations. It is easy to use and will stick to itself, so it can be wrapped around your injuries without extra tape. . The bandage is simple, no complicated instructions on how many times to wrap it around the wound. Just cut to the length you need and wrap it around as tight or loose as you need. Not only does this Israeli bandage look good, but it is also very comfortable for the patient; there are segments of foam added in the bandage for comfort and protection against rubbing against your wounds.

The Israeli bandage, also called the tubular elastic net bandage first aid bandage, is a fabric bandage with an elastic fiber network structure that provides strong, flexible compression. It is perfect for wrapping injuries and securing/fixing medical devices such as slings and orthopedic casts. The product is light weight and durable and can be used for general first aid purposes to hold dressings in place or to secure splints.


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